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"Vintage Lou Taylor Box Purse"

...a very cool little 1950's box purse, this item stands ~ 7 1/2" handle-high;
the "box" portion measures ~ 4 1/4" by ~8 1/4", ~ 3 3/4" deep.
The body is a simulated  leather-like pattern in patent leather;
The handle is fashioned of Lucite, in a wonderfully mellow
Tortoise-shell look-alike, with heat-bent eyes at
the fastening points...

Internally, there is a small, single side-pocket; all lining is in great
condition, and appears to be nylon or rayon...
There is a small, gold-foiled sticker which reads,
"Lou Taylor Miami" external to the pocket...

The brass-toned metal clasp is spring-loaded, securing with a push,
and unfastening with the simultaneous pressing of both buttons
toward the center ...

All-in-All, in really, really good condition...Sure to
thrill some vintage Purse-Lover out there!

Here's My Offer!

reference Vintage Lou Taylor Box Purse Bx005